Bajaj Processpack was founded in 1988 by a group of technocrats and engineers, who were pioneers of this industry with decades of experience in food processing and packaging industry.
Inspection & Preparation for Fruits and Vegetable
Fruit Juice & Pulp Extraction Equipments
Pasteurization and Sterlization Equipment
Juice Pulp Concentration Evaporation Equipment
Aseptic Sterilization Filling Equipment
Canning Equipment
Utilities Accessories
Washing & Preparation Equipment
Juice & Pulp Extraction Equipment
Fruit Juice Pulp Extraction Equipment
Cutting, Chopping & Slicing Equipment
Cooking Equipments
Homogenization, Pasteurization & Deaeration Equipm
Sterilization Equipment
Utility, Tank, Pumps & Accessories
Blending & Mixing Equipment
Automatic Bottling Plant for Juice
Automatic Bottling Plant for Soda & Carbonated
Glass Bottles & Can Filling & Seaming Equipment
Milk & Dairy Processing and Packaging Plants
Pet Bottle Blowing Equipment
Semi-Automatic Bottling Equipment
Water Purification Reverse Osmosis RO Plant
Semi Automatices Bottling Equipment
Automatic Bottling Equipment For PET & Glass Bottl
BOPP & Shrink Wrapping Labeling Equipment
Bottling Equipment for Filling Viscous Liquids
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