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Automatic Bottling Plant for Soda & Carbonated

FAB-C Series Automatic Monobloc Rinser & Filler

FAB-C Series Automatic Monobloc Rinser & Filler
Suitable for filling carbonated beverages like CSD, soda, carbonated juices etc. in PET bottles. This fully automatic machine performs integrated operations from air conveying to rinsing to filling and capping. The machine is controlled by touch-screen PLC and incorporates full automation for level control in drink tank and magnetic torque controlled screw capping.

Model FAB-C12 - 12 - 416- 16- 518-18-624 - 24 - 832 - 32 - 1040 - 40 - 10
Production capacity1800-24002400-42004000-60006000-80008000-1000010000-12000
Filling precision
<+5mm (Liquid level)

Filling pressure (Mpa)
< 0.4

Polyester Bottle Standard (mm)Bottle Diameter; 050 — 000; Height: 150-320

Suitable Cap Shape
Plastic Screw Cap

Total power48.1012

Total Weight (kg)2240005000600075009500
Dimension (LxWxH) [mm)2100x1300x19002400x1800x19002800x2000x19003300x2300x25003600x2900x29004250x3250x2900

Intermix & Carbonator

Intermix & Carbonator

Advanced Intermix carbonator ensures accurate proportional mixture of water, syrup and carbon dioxide, duly controlled by PLC. This ensures consistency in various batch mixes, taste accurate mixture of CO gas. It can be 2 interconnected with water/syrup chiller.

Available from 500 to 10,000 LPH capacities

QHS Drink Mixer

QHS Drink Mixer

QHS series Drink Mixer is designed to mix water / syrup / drink with carbon dioxide. It incorporates static mixer to increase carbonizing time which enhances mixing result and deoxification. Suitable for mixing soda water, fruit juice, cola and other soft drinks.


Water & Syrup Chiller

Water & Syrup Chiller

Suitable for bringing down the temperature of water / syrup below 4 c. This facilitates mixing and absorption of CO with water / syrup. It is available in two 2 models:

Batch Type

Incorporates insulated stainless steel holding tank connected to compressor. Water / syrup is by means of chilled gas running inside copper tubes in the tank. Available from 200 to 10,000 LPH capacities.

Continuous Type

This incorporates online chiller connected with PHE. The online chiller chills the glycol which in turn chills water / syrup in the PHE. Capacity: 500 - 5,000 ltr/hr.

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