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Washing & Preparation Equipment

Multi- Purpose Washer (for Fruit & Vegetable)

Multi- Purpose Washer (for Fruit & Vegetable)
Designed for washing and cleaning multiple fruits/vegetable generally required for pulp extraction like magoes litchi,tomato, apple, peach and vegetables.

The washers through washes the product using strong water against which tumble washes while it is carried up to the outfeed conveyor. The fruit or vegetable which gets picked up on the inclined conveyor are subjected to secondary fresh water spray and are collected at the end of conveyor.


Model Capacity Power
MFW 200100-200 kg/hr3 HP
MFW 500300-500 kg/hr5 HP
MFW 1000750-1000 kg/hr7.5 HP
MFW 20001500-2000 kg/hr10 HP

Root Vegetable Peeler & Washer

Root Vegetable Peeler & Washer
Suitable to peel / clean wash various root vegetables like carrot, potato, raddish, turnip and ginger etc. The machine is equipped with 5 to 9 rotating soft and hard brushes which throughly clean the vegetables while simultaneously peeling it while the jet water spray cleans and washes it.


Model Capacity No. of rollers Power
RPW 200100-200 kg/hr0.7 m x 5 nos.1 HP
RPW 500400-500 kg/hr1 m x 7 nos.2 HP
RPW 1000750-1000 kg/hr1.5 m x 9 nos.3 HP

Fruits Washing & Preparation Equipment

Fruits Washing & Preparation Equipment

We provide Washing Preparation Equipments for processing variety of Fruits Vegetable.

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In-Feed Conveyor

In-Feed Conveyor
Inspection Preparation Cutting Conveyor for Feeding, inspection, preparation of cutting fresh fruits vegetables. Available from 100 to 2000 kg/hr feed Capacities.

Sorting Conveyor

Sorting Conveyor
For Feeding, inspection, preparation of cutting fresh fruits vegetables. Available from 100 to 2000 kg/hr feed Capacities

Rotary Drum Washer

Rotary Drum Washer
Suitable to wash hard fruits vegetables. The product is fed into a rotary drum and is sprayed with high pressure jet spray from top. The rotary drum motion ensures tumbling of products thus washing them throughly. Available in 500-2000 kg/hr capacities.
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